I Know You Know - Aarif Lee (I Know You Know - 李治廷)

The day fate set us to collide
The way you look into my eyes
Never thought love would come
Like all was meant to happen

Where you are will be where I start
You've become my only star
Where it's dark is where you spark
I'd follow wherever you are

Baby I won't let you feel afraid
I'll be here with you through night and day
All these memories won't be erased
My love for you will never fade

Hey I know you know
Our hearts getting close
We can't deny it's real
All my life searching
Now I know I found you

The moment you whisper in my ears
I hear my heart racing on
Then I know love is here
I see you in my future

Repeat *

Repeat **

Hey I know you know
Our hearts getting close
I'm falling in love little by little
People come and people go
You're the one I won't ever let go

Repeat ***

Repeat ****

Repeat ***

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