Lady Killer - Jane Zhang (Lady Killer - 張靚穎)

In the beginning
Once upon a time you had all of my heart
Right from the start babe

I thought you were cupid
But you put the arrows down a round came from your gun
Shot me more than once baby

You hit the bulls eye pin it on
My chest so cold in blood
Your loves assassin a Gemini
Boy you got me on the run

You are the reason that this hole is in my heart
Baby one shot from you I'm torn apart
Ain't no saving us you hurt me more than once
And the damage is done
Lady killer

You are the wolf
The devil in disguise stole my heart
Instructed to a bomb of lies
Loving you is a big mistake

T minus five till we detonate
Running away but there's nowhere to hide
Thought you are the one must be out of my mind

Repeat *

Repeat **

Lady killer

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