It's Not Too Late - Eunice Hoo (It's Not Too Late - 何沛璇)

It's one of those days
When she thinks of him again
She frowns
Wondering why it would end

After all the times we had spent
Now we couldn't even be friends
That is something
She couldn't understand

That night she came in my room
Sat by my side and sang
A lullaby I heard as a child put me to bed
Then she said all these things
That I didn't want to hear
Ended with a story
Believe in love again

It's finally clear
Your dad has always been here
He still kiss me goodnight
Call me just to say 'Hi'
Even after so many years

I've wasted my time
Worrying about things that made me blind
I wanna thank you for opening my eyes

Now I hope it's not too late
But I'd like to fall in love with him again

Stayed up all night
There was too much on her mind
So she rolled around waited for sunrise

Then she felt a touch that held her tight
And a whisper in her ears
"I know it's our daughter's first heartache but you need to take a break"

Repeat *

Repeat **

Repeat ***

Repeat ****

Don't you worry mom
I'll be fine
I'll take your advice
And think it over twice

Repeat ***

You said someday you'll find
Someone worthy of your time
Who'll kiss you goodnight
Call you just to say 'Hi'
He would never make you cry

Well I know you're not too late
Coz he's like to fall in love with you again